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Coaching and Counseling
What is the difference?

Counseling is a profession that is focused on applying psychological, emotional, social, and body-based interventions to minister to people and move them toward personal wholeness goals and to adddress maladpative responses . The objective of counseling is to help people address and resolve problems and trauma that make them feel like they are stuck or struggling emotionally, or are not exeperiencing overall well-being. The Joy Center has Master's level Pastoral and Clinical counselors available.  We can meet face to face, video facilitated, face-time, over the phone, on a hike....


Coaching as a profession is focused on helping people identify and reach goals, find potential, develop skills to find success. Coaching happens in all different environments; sports, music, name it, there is a coach for it.  Life coaching at the Joy Center is about helping you do you only better :).  


We offer both counseling and coaching to help you identify where you want to go in your relationships and help you get there.  Relationships can  include you and you, you and others, you and God. 


There are a host of tools available to you for growth, but the fastest and most holistic approach (the best too) is to learn to interact with God in you.  Learn to let God lead.  During the coaching process, you can learn to connect with Jesus in an interactive connection that will reveal what He would like you to know about your gifts, talents, skills, goals and relationships.  Jesus, Immanuel, who is God with us, really is with us!  




The staff at The Joy Center, have a wide and varied background.  Collectively our training includes Licensed Professional Counseling, Pastoral Counseling, Certified Life Coaching, Prayer Ministry, and Education and Professional training.  Our goal is to provide a place of belonging for all who desire to grow relationally, emotionally, and spiritually.  

Private Life Coaching

Seminars & Workshops


Individual Prayer 

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