Connecting. Relating. Security. Attachment.


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These are some of the attributes of prayer. Prayer ministry is available at The Joy Center, We are trained in a variety of prayer ministry applications. We also provide training in Prayer Ministry for individuals, groups or churches. 


Who do we relate to? Ourselves, others, God.  Positive relationships are built on connections that are frequent and positive. Communication is an essential part of any connection.  Prayer is defined as communication with God, but really, it is the foundation of our of relationship to Him.  Sometimes prayer can seem intimidating but it doesn't need to be- it can become as natural as breathing. It becomes more than duty when we actually can sense His response to us.  We can help you learn to talk with God interactively and experientially know what it is to have positive connection to Him.   


Truthfully, God really, really, likes us.  He longs to listen to us, talk to us, and has a lot to say!  At the Joy Center, we can learn simple skills necessary to sense His presence, hear His voice, and overcome barriers of trust.


Perhaps you have hit some rough spots on your journey or keep getting stuck in the same place.  Maybe you know what the sticking points are or maybe you don't.  Regardless, facilitated prayer can help.   Brain science shows us that we develop narratives for life experiences.  Sometimes these narratives are based on faulty information.  Negative life experiences or simply missing out on some of the good things that are needed for wholeness, have great influence on the story.  Prayer ministry and learning to connect with Jesus help facilitate wholeness. 



Prayer is an essential part of growth and transformation.  We are trained in a variety of prayer ministry foundations, but primarily use the Immanuel Approach developed by Dr. Karl Lehman and author of the book Outsmarting Yourself.  To be filled at the center with joy, a interactive connected relationship with Jesus is the 'It" of doing that.  Learning to connect and synchronize our hearts and minds with Jesus, makes love grow and fear disappear.  We learn to remain steadfast and peace-filled even during times of stress and suffering.


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