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Group Study and Training

Joy Starts Here Study. Joyful Journey Study. Marriage Retreat. Building Authentic Community. Conflict Training.

Personal Development


Conflict Resolution

Building Community 

Group learning is a great tool for building community.  Gathering a group of friends, acquaintances or strangers to study together, makes the journey a little more fun.  

We host ongoing study groups using Joy Starts Here by Jim Wilder , The Joyful Journey Listening to Immanuel as our texts. Additionally, we will begin to offer "Journey Groups" designed to support heart centered discipleship and a whole-brain approach to living as a Christ follower.


An important part of living in community is helping others with the help we have received.  We offer on-going training for those wishing to study Prayer Ministry from the stand point of becoming a facilitator, or simply experiencing growth in your own prayer life.


Some groups are held at the Joy Center  office, but we can also provide small group training at churches, small groups, businesses, or in your own home.

Joy is not just a "Christian" thing.  It is possible to strengthen any family, group, or staff to be more cohesive and resilient using joy as the foundation.

A significant part of our work is directed towards training others.  We are always excited to teach others about it.  Specifically, we teach the Immanuel Approach to  prayer ministry and Elijah House Principles for Prayer Ministry. We have training and certifications in other areas of healing techniques and use those to support anything that we teach.  If you have an interest in learning this process, or simply growing in your own prayer life within the context of a group, let us know. 




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