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Walk & Talk Therapy

Traditionally therapy practices include a visit to the office and sitting down in a relaxed setting .  Walk & Therapy takes the conversation outside incorporating movement (walking)  and utilizing the benefits  of creation to support the therapuetic process.   

Using creation as a resource

Walk and talk therapy falls in the category of "eco-psychotherapy". There are many modalities that fit this category:  garden therapy, animal assisted therapy, wilderness therapy, natural arts therapy .  Basically any modality that can use creation and ecology as a resource. 

Taking sessions to the "outside" environment can have many benefits.  Walking side-by-side can soften the intensity that sometimes come with sitting in designated chairs and engaging face to face.  This may help the nervous system avoid overwhelm remain in a window of tolerance.  This allows the brain to make changes that are necessary for growth.  

Wholeness is a body-mind-spirit endeavor and walking helps bring the body into the process naturally.  

Additionally, excercise is a worthwhile endeavor and part of a healthy brain protocol, but sometimes working in that activity can be a challenge Walk and Talk can be part of a reaching daily activity intentions. 

Tropical Leaves
Tree-lined Street

Were do we walk?

Walk and Talk sessions can take place really anywhere.  Though! Currently the office is located conveniently near the Doodle Trail in Easley, SC .  How great is that?!  We begin our sessions at the big rail car at the head of the Doodle Trail, and walk to a convenient stopping point before returning to where we started. If you would like ot sprinkle Walk and Talk into your sessions, just let Dave or Michele know.

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