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Sometimes we feel buried in the rubble of past events, buried in burnout, or feel disconnected because life is just moving so fast. Feeling buried and disconneted keeps us from living as our truest self.  We are created by God to be creatures of joy and rest.  Feeling buried and disconnected means we are out of sync with these foundational rhythms and most likely missing out on abudent relational life. The Joy Center, Inc. can provide help along the way. Through coaching, counseling that is both pastoral and/or clinical in nature, interactive prayer and training, we create opportunities for people to learn, heal, and thrive.  We are commited to holding a space for individuals to discover and internalize what is needed to increasingly live from the heart and not just the head.  

Upcoming Events
Connecting with God Course: September 14, 2019 (1)
Sat, Sep 14
Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church
Sep 14, 2019, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church, 839 Greenville St, Pendleton, SC 29670, USA
This course is ideal for those who want to increase their ability to recognize and experience God’s presence, hear His voice, and grow in relational intimacy to Him. We will present concepts from Neurotheology and discover how to enjoy prayer more deeply.

Joy is...


Joy is sunshine.

Joy is rainstorms.

Joy is the smell of spring.

Joy is feeling alive.

Joy is children laughing.

Joy is becoming so unaware of yourself that you are caught up in simply enjoying those you are with.

Joy is sustainable.


Because our brain is wired for relating and Joy is grown in relationships, the two have a symbiotic relationship. They go together.  We need strong relationships. Joy comes from encountering people who are just "glad" to be with us...always. Through a variety of modalities, we can learn to recover our lives from the things that have taken our joy.  


Newton's first law of motion (paraphrase) says that an object in motion stays in motion until a force acts upon it. If you want to change the direction you are heading, try something different. 

Life is like a 
bank account.


A dime here, a dollar there, often describe the deposits of joy in our lives.  Real life, though,  often requires withdrawls that are more than our accounts are holding.


Overdraft in our life looks like lack of patience, short tempers, seeing people as problems and problems become bigger than our relationships.  Overdraft sometimes looks like anxiety, burnout, depression.  Frequently overdrafts effect those closest to us and relationships begin to fracture.  


Just like a bank account, the only way to recover from an overdraft is with a deposit.


Sometimes, we don't know how to find the reserves to make the deposit!  We can help you find the resources you didn't know you had. 



Begin the journey.
Ask a question about how to start.


what thriving is.


We can usually find the strength to just get through one more thing.  Often this is at great cost to our health and wholeness.  Sometimes we know what to do, but lose the ability to actually do it under stress and difficulty.  Do you ever feel like you become someone else when you are tired, stressed or just annoyed?  That is called survival not thriving.


By learning the skills needed to have thriving relationships,and discovering how to stay connected to God and others when difficulty comes, life gets better.


People remain a source of strength not frustration.

Jobs are a source of satisfaction not disillusionment.

Faith is a source of life not routine.







Edit a narrative.

 We were all designed to BE a beuatiful story. Our inner narrative tells us a story and we tell the story to others with our behavior.

Listen close to your head and heart and you may hear a suprising script. Sometimes the narrative is true and life-giving and sometimes it isn't.   Through learning to engage with your heart, our stories begin to make more sense, and we can learn to respond to our story instead of reac. Learning about interactive presence of Jesus and the skill of connecting to Him, can also facilitate profound change.  We learn to engage with His narrative and not the distorted voices from our past experience or simply our misunderstanding of who we are. 


We were never meant to do life alone. The best kind of "not alone" is a strong connection to yourself, others, and the living God.



Your past can be a stepping stone to your future.

I have walked with Christ a long time, and didn't think I could really benefit from counseling, but, through my experience at The Joy Center, Inc., my life is different.

Samantha Jones

Growing up in a fundamentalist structure, it never occurred to me that my relationship with Jesus could be interactive and felt!


Coming to terms with the trauma of my past was a daunting task.  The Joy Center Inc, helped me to make sense of my story and to overcome the things that seemed insurmountable.. 




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