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Staff. The people who'd like to meet you !


Michele Hardy, MS, LPC, CLC 

MS, Professional Counseling, Certified Life Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor. 

I am a people and healing enthusiast at heart. :)

I enjoy so many things about working with people in their growth process that it is difficult to put into words. The resiliency of the body mind spirit system is too great a topic to cover here, but know this, you have the ability to transform.  I continue to learn and hone my skills as a therapist.  I flow from an Integrative Psychotherapy approach and enjoy expanding my understanding and skill in the area of trauma recovery.  My experiences includes in-depth training in parts work (IFS), the treatment of C-PTSD, Energy Psychology (HeartMath, Tapping and Brainspotting) and Inner-healing prayer  (HeartSync and Immanuel).   Hopelessness can be turned to hope, mourning to dancing, lamenting to rejoicing. Wherever you are on the journey to wholeness, you do not have get on the path alone .  I'd love to help you find resolution to whatever your concerns are. I've been married for more than 30 years and "mom" to 6 great kids, and "gramma"  to 2 cuties. I have a burgeoning collection of overalls, and love the outdoors:).

Michele Hardy

"As a staff, we have personal experience with overcoming. Our stories include things like...
Trauma. Grief. Loss through Suicide. Sexual abuse. Spiritual abuse. Depression. Emotional abuse. Eating disorders. Addiction. Relationship crisis. Marriage crisis. Spiritual confusion." 

David Van Horn

David Van Horn, MA, LPC

David has an MA in Professional Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor; Ordained Pastor.

​​I have over 30 years of experience in Christian ministry and in the field of counseling.  I have learned how to make joy the foundation in my relationship with God and my family and friends.  I am excited to pass along what I have learned to others.  Strong joyful foundations can be built in any individual, couple, family or community.  I look forward to meeting with you.  I have been married for 41 years.  My wife and I  have 3 grown children and 5 grand-children that we are crazy about.  I really like working with couples to make marriages strong, and working with anyone else who really wants to work towards change. I have worked hard on my own recovery process and enjoy working individuals to accomplish the change they seek. 


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Tammie Payne

Tammie Payne, MA, Pastoral Counseling

Tammie Payne has an MA in Pastoral Counseling & Life Transformation and General Theology.

I have a wide sphere of experience in teaching, counseling, training, and discipleship.  My passion is for holistic transformation: I love mind body and spirit work!  I was single until I was 46, and found my singleness as a time to grow contentment and transformation as I moved through life encountering God. There are so many voices and programming in the world that told me I would only be satisfied if I had a husband (what a lie!). In a turn of events,  I was married recently and the process of transformation continues!  Hope is a precious gift He promises in the light of challenging life circumstances; I love to shine some hope into your darkness. He gives strength as we pilgrim through this life, He indeed can transform our valleys of “Baka” (weeping) into places of springs! (Psalm 84) I consider it a privilege that you invite me to come alongside you for a season of your journey to listen, counsel, minister and call out God’s design in you through a variety of modalities including inner-healing prayer. ​​I enjoy traveling, playing with my animals, cooking and writing!


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